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A key component of high performance is ensuring you have the right combination of skill and capability to deliver your ambitions. Over the years we have worked with our clients to assess the skills, capabilities and competencies of their staff, managers and potential recruits. As experts in the field of Organisational Development and Occupational Psychology we have been able to develop bespoke assessment and development exercises in a wide variety of settings. 

Waiting Area


we have managed high volume, multi-staged, specialist recruitment campaigns from profile design through to final selection. We have access to 100s of assessment materials which we have either designed ourselves for previous clients or have been designed by other reputable providers. 

Nurturing Growth


we design and implement comprehensive development centres which assess the competencies of staff and managers and create development profiles to support their work progression. Exercises include: 360 degree questionnaires, personality profiling, group exercises, role-plays, in-basket exercises and competency- based interviews.

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