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Training and Development

We can help identify training/development needs in a variety of ways to suit your organisation. In addition we can design and deliver development tools bespoke to your organisation or can offer one of our established training modules.

Identifying Training Needs
We can create a variety of tools to understand the development needs of the people within your organisation. These tools include:

Training Needs Survey
360 degree feedback
Self assessment tools

Designing and Delivering Development Modules
We have expertise in designing and delivering development modules in the areas below. We would take into account your specific cultural needs before designing and delivering any development module.

Designing and implementing Performance Management Systems
Interviewing skills
Effective Communication skills
Dealing with difficult people
Influencing and Negotiating
Strategic Planning
Managing Others
Managing Yourself
Setting direction
Leading not Managing
Development Toolbox
We have an extensive databank of resources (Books, CD Rom, Videos), on-the job activities and group activities grouped under competency headings. We would match our competencies to those of your organisation and develop a toolbox tailor-made to reflect alternative development tools to traditional classroom training modules.

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